Position: RE-HIRE Crew


Santa Cruz, CA



This job posting is designed for former Crew Members of Whiting's Foods wishing to return!

If you have never worked for us before, please fill out the "Food Service on the Boardwalk at Whiting's" job listing. Thank you!


Job Info & Online Application

We thank you for your interest in returning to work with us. We look forward to reviewing your application. If we are able to set you up for an interview to discuss your employment prospects, we will call you on the phone number provided on your application.

PLEASE NOTE: On the application there are two fill-in lines, "Recent Job Title" and "Recent Employer." It is fine for you to write, "Whiting's" as we are aware that many of our returning staff has not acquired a different job during their absence from Whiting's.  Also, the resume and cover letter are NOT required.


Rehire Reminders: 


  1. Money: Crew starts at $11.00 per hour. For 2018, we are running a GREAT bonus program for those who work more than 3 shifts a week -- $3 more per hour will be added to the pay for that week!   
  2. Promoted Positions: Are you wondering about that $17 per hour information? Well, we reward those who have great attitude and ambition with promotions. A rehire is often a perfect candidate for a promoted position and will make a base rate of $12 to $14 per hour. Then, as mentioned above, we have a GREAT bonus program for those who work more than 3 shifts a week -- $3 more per hour will be added to the pay for that week! 
  3. Food Handler Card Info: Since January 2012, California state law requires all food service workers take a food safety course and pass a test to receive their "Food Handler Card."
    WHAT THIS MEANS FOR A REHIRE: The card you got for your prior employment with us is valid for three years. If your card has expired, you will be advised and will be required BEFORE any hours will be worked.
  4. Scheduling: As you may recall, we are flexible with scheduling, when provided enough advance notice. For 2018, we are also rewarding those who work a more regular schedule. For those who work more than three shifts per week, they will get a $3 per hour bonus for all hours worked that week. 
  5. Grooming Standards: Please be sure to review this to see if you are still within the policy. More detailed requirements are outlined in our handbook, but the big edit for 2018 is that the policy is allows for all people to have long hair! Please review the general information provided here:
  • Hair:
    • All Crew must choose hairstyles which are conservative and are not extreme.
    • Hair color must be natural or dyed a natural color.
    • Extreme highlights or extreme two-tone hair is not allowed.
    • Beards, mustaches, and goatees are allowed. However, they must be neatly trimmed and not longer than one inch. Other than ESTABLISHED beards, mustaches, and goatees, our crew is expected to be clean shaven every work day. An established beard must not have any empty spaces between the sideburns, mustache or goatee. (Beards were NEW for 2017!)
  • Jewelry and Tattoos:
    • Conservative, tasteful, appropriate jewelry is acceptable.
    • All are are permitted to wear three earrings per ear as long as they are matching. The primary pair of earrings must not exceed 1-1/2 inches in length. The second set of earrings must be a post or stud and may not dangle.
    • Men are allowed to wear one earring per ear of a stud variety.
    • Crew may wear one small nose stud no bigger than 2mm. No other visible pierced jewelry or body adornment is allowed. (Nose studs were NEW for 2017!)
    • Gauged ears may be stretched to a 4 gauge and no larger, only plain plugs are allowed (no tapers or tunnels).
    • Tattoos are not permitted if visible when wearing a Whiting's Foods uniform.
    • You may not cover piercings or tattoos with bandages or make-up.

Thank you!

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